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1, underground garage entrance, basement and civil air defense, first floor access to check one by one.
The underground garage, basement, air defense and the entrance and exit of the first floor of the residential area should be equipped with water retaining board, sand bag for flood control, etc. for those parts which are lower than the outdoor ground and are prone to rain water recharge. The height should not be less than 1250 px, and waterproof platform can be built if conditions permit.
2, peripheral drainage pipeline
Check all sewage wells, collecting pits, septic tanks, rainwater wells and their ancillary pipelines, and check the interface between the drainage pipelines and the surrounding municipal drainage network, and find that the well cover and grate are damaged and the pipelines are blocked (for example, pipeline collapse, water accumulation, sundries, etc.), and maintain them in time. Or clean up, and pay attention to the inspection, cleaning and maintenance work records.
3, drainage pump and its control cabinet (box)
Comparing with the drainage system diagram, the drainage pumps of sewage wells and catchment pits in the project are inspected, and the operation and drainage conditions are mainly inspected. After spot test by engineering maintenance personnel, if there are abnormal start-up, abnormal operation, or leakage of pipeline and flange joint, it should be repaired in time. After the point test, the control cabinet (box) switch is restored to the "automatic" position.
4、屋面防水及?;げ?br /> 4. Roofing waterproof and protective layer
The roof waterproof layer, protective layer and the leakage point in the last flood season are inspected comprehensively. If the phenomenon of bulging, breakage, crack and joint cracking of waterproof layer or protective layer is found, the roof waterproof layer should be repaired in time, and no leakage point should be confirmed by water closure test not less than 48 hours.
If it can not be repaired before the flood, cover the roof of a house that may leak with rayon cloth or linoleum, inform the owner of the roof waterproof damage, make preparations in advance to avoid further losses.
5. Roof rainwater drainage system
Check the roof rainwater outlet and drain pipe, clean up the roof debris, ensure that the rainwater outlet is not blocked and the pipeline is unobstructed. For pipeline cracking, shedding, seepage, etc., replace or repair in time.

6. Public lighting in projects


Public lighting in the residential area includes street lights, lawn lights, landscape lighting, propaganda board lighting, advertising lights (boxes) and related distribution cabinets (boxes) for one by one inspection, installation loosening, cabinets (boxes) damaged, should be strengthened or replaced, found wiring bare insulation treatment.
7. Roads, water, walls, man-made landscapes.
It is found that subsidence, tilt, settlement and cracks should be repaired in time. During the repair period, the enclosure should be set up in the operation area and the warning signs should be set in the prominent position.
8, building facade
Exterior wall, eaves, air-conditioning railings or guardrails, windows (corridors) and other hanging objects are inspected one by one to find leakage, unstable installation, rust, bulging, cracking, weathering, shedding and so on, which should be repaired in time. During the repair period, the enclosure should be set up in the operation area and the warning signs should be set in the prominent position. For areas requiring diversion, instructions should be added to guide personnel or vehicles to pass through safety routes.
9, lightning protection facilities
Before the flood season every year, the lightning protection facilities should be professionally tested. Rectification is carried out according to the test results.
Material supply
The type and quantity of flood control materials are allocated according to the actual situation of each district. Efforts should be made to increase the intensity of materials allocation for projects with low riverside, low topography or disaster.

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